Car Leasing Policies Foreigners Should Know

Either this is your first time leasing a car in Singapore or not. Consider checking the rental car policies in Singapore, especially if you are a foreigner. That way, you will know what to do when you encounter some problems when you lease a car. Here are just a few to remember.

1. Age and Driving Licence 

For you to get a car lease in Singapore, you must be at least 23 years and not older than 65. Anything lower and higher the given age disqualified you from car leasing.

Also, make sure to bring your driving licence. For locals, bring your Singapore Class 3. While for foreigners, bring your foreign driving licence, along with your passport.

2. Agreement and Availability

Aside from booking car rental online in Singapore, it is necessary to visit the car leasing agency personally. Not only do you have to complete the agreement form, but you have to choose which car to rent.

3. Mode of Payment

There are four acceptable modes of payment when car leasing in Singapore: cash, NEFT (national electronic funds transfer), credit card, and PayPal. Choose what’s more convenient for you.

4. Cancellation of the Booking 

They will charge you for any cancellation made in less than a day. The penalty fee will depend on the daily rental cost of your chosen car.

5. Late Return

Penalty fees also apply for late returns. So, expect that there will be 1.5{736f7999ce0d61e9496e38e5a474a6e6987ebd1702d3e4653637bf3303bf50fa} additional on your daily car rental.

6. Left Belongings 

Just like other establishments, car rental companies in Singapore will not be liable for any left belongings. So, make sure to remove all personal items before surrendering the car.

7. Traffic Offences

Whether you are a local or foreigner, you have to follow the traffic rules and regulations when driving in Singapore. Also, no driving to Malaysia without permission from the car rental agency. Expect additional charges to any violation.

Now that you have read the rental car policies in Singapore, you can lease a car. If you are interested in getting a long-term car lease in Singapore, check out ComfortDelGro Rent-A-Car. They also offer monthly car leasing at affordable prices!

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