Crane Parts Supplier VS Second-Hand Parts Dealer: Which Is Better?

Most contractors and construction companies have a trusted partner crane parts supplier that supplies them with brand-new and genuine crane parts. But there are other options as well, such as aftermarket and used crane parts.

This article will answer your question of whether or not used crane parts are better than brand-new crane parts:


Brand New

It is not surprising that your crane parts supplier will sell brand-new and genuine Hitachi crane parts at a high price. Apart from it is an authentic part, meaning you are also paying for the name, you also pay for the longevity. Brand-new components have better longevity than semi-worn-out used crane parts.


Dealers may sell second-hand Hitachi crane parts at a lower price, sometimes half the cost of the original ones. Not all second-hand parts have poor quality. It all depends on how you choose your crane parts. You can still find slightly used high-grade parts at an affordable price, but these cases are rare. You must have eagle eyes for these deals; otherwise, spending money on worn-out components is a waste.


Brand New

You can guarantee that all P&H crane parts from your crane parts supplier are of high quality and will last long. After all, they come from the original manufacturers that tested them and ensured they were up to standard before distributing them in the market.


Indeed, some second-hand P&H crane parts are made by original manufacturers who tested and ensured they were up to standard. The only difference is that you will receive them already slightly used. There will be a significant difference in longevity.

When it comes to reliability, it all depends on the condition of the crane parts when you receive them. Some may have minor issues already while others are nearly as good as new. As mentioned, you must have eagle eyes to spot these issues.


Brand New

Brand-new and authentic Kato crane parts are only available from authorised retailers and suppliers. It can be an issue if you don’t have an authorised retailer or if the only authorised supplier in town is always out of stock.

There are also situations where manufacturers stop producing certain parts for older crane models. There is a high chance that your authorised sellers have no stock for these rare parts.


You can buy second-hand Kato crane parts from authorised retailers, buy-and-sell dealers, and individual sellers. There is also a high chance you can find rare components; however, these components are already used.

Which do you think is the better option? The brand new ones from your crane parts supplier or the second-hand components?

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