Different types of auto shipping services

The international car and auto transport market is getting a great hype in the present busy world.  There are plenty of reasons due to which you might need to move from one country to another and simultaneously you need your vehicle with you as well. Shifting your vehicle within the country is quite simple but there is a lot of hassle when it comes to shifting a vehicle internationally. To help you out there several professional companies dealing in international auto transport safely on time. These companies are fully skilled in transporting any vehicle to their clients with the best services.

Types of shipping services

Roll on/ off shipping

It is one of the most affordable ways of shipping a large number of cars at a particular destination safely in the vessels. In this, the vehicle is driven to the ship personally, and the vehicle handling cost is much cheaper. Vehicle shipped in the services are parked below the deck and are secured by using long powerful straps at the front as well on the sides. Straps are continually monitored by the worker or the team involved in the procedure. If you also want to ship your vehicle overseas but confuse in selecting the company then Schumacher International Car Shipping  can help you in a great way.

Container shipping

In this, your car will be stored in a container which are usually designed in three common sizes that is 20ft,40ft and 40ft HC. It helps in providing more secure transportation. The size of the container is totally dependent on the size of the vehicle, your vehicle is loaded and strapped inside the container by fully skilled teams and staffs. The steering wheels are also fully secured with the use of wooden blocks or ratchet straps to ensure vehicle remains stationary providing extra security.

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