Filing a Lawsuit Against a Drunk Driver in Cedar Rapids

Driving while intoxicated is a crime and victims of intoxicated drivers have the legal right to compensation for their losses. If you were injured by a drunk driver, you must hire a
Cedar Rapids car accident lawyer and file a lawsuit to pursue all damages. 

Every personal injury case involves negligence, which occurs when a party breached its duty of care. Driving under the influence of alcohol is not legal and dangerous as it can slow down reaction times, negatively affect a driver’s ability to make decisions. Depending on the intoxication level, it can result in wrong-way driving, running lights, swerving, speeding, and other dangerous conduct. If you encountered this type of driver and sustained injuries because of the collision, it is time to hold that driver accountable for their negligent conduct. 

When to File a Drunk Driver

In Iowa, the statute of limitations on car accident cases that involve injuries is two years. But, you should not wait this long before you file a claim for your injuries or hire an attorney because evidence may fade and it can be hard to prove your claim. Especially if you sustained serious injuries such as brain injuries, severe neck and back injuries, spinal cord injuries, and others, you must consult an attorney right after a car accident. 

Often, the level of compensation insurance companies will pay is negotiated out of court. But, a good attorney will only accept settlement offers if they are reasonable enough to cover your current and future losses. If the insurance company refuses to give you the compensation you deserve, your attorney will bring your case to court. It may result in a better offer because insurance providers know that juries can award very high levels of compensation.

How Long It Takes for Your Lawsuit to be Resolved

It can take some time to resolve a personal injury case. Your lawyer will need to document each aspect of your case, including how the accident took place, the driver’s condition, whether they had previous DWI convictions, and eyewitness testimony. Also, they will thoroughly evaluate the extent of your injuries and the expected cost of ongoing medical care and treatment, as well as the long-term effect of your injuries on your earning capacity, ability to practice your profession, and quality of life. Your attorney may call upon financial, mental health, and medical experts to offer professional information on your condition. Despite the long wait, it is often well worth it when you get the compensation you need and deserve. 

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