Guidelines on Using a Bill of Sale While Selling a Car  

Often, there are times when a person would decide upon selling their old car to buy a new one. At times like these people start looking for new buyers who would be interested in buying the car or the vehicle from them at a much lower rate than the original price. The paperwork of Offroad Freedom bill of sale proves that the car has been handed over to the new buyer from the owner.

It makes the whole process of you selling the car a much smoother one. You would not face any problem when the transaction is going on or when you are in the middle of the paperwork and about to handover the vehicle.

How a Bill of Sale Help you?

Though the bill of sale is not required in all of the states, it would prove that you have transferred the car to the new owner. It is a receipt that is advisable that you carry when you are trying to sell your vehicle through private car sales. It also guarantees that later you would face no hassle if the new owner damages the car or any misshapen or accident happens. You would no longer be liable to what happens to the car, and thus you would be safe.

Also, when you are the new owner of a used car, it would show that you are the new buyer. The Offroad Freedom bill of sale is a must in a few states without which transfer of the car to the new buyer would not be initiated.


What are the Must-Have Documents?

Some of the states that would require you to provide with a bill of sale as of 2018 are Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, and West Virginia. Here, having this document is compulsory to make sure that you would be able to sell your vehicle to someone else. But in other states, though not a requirement, it does not mean that you cannot have one.

How to Get the Bill of Sale Document?

Bill of Sale document could be obtained at the motor vehicle department websites. Also, you could prepare one yourself, and for that, you must mention all the necessary details like the sale date, name, and address of the buyer and the seller, state and country of the sale, VIN, odometer reading, description of the car, etc. But it is always advisable that you get it done from the motor vehicle department.

These are some of the major guidelines that you should keep in mind as you would not want to face any hassle later on.

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