Here’s How To Properly Clean Your Wheels

Many car owners who have been driving for a few years have experienced have to wash and clean their car at least once. Sadly, although movies depict car washing to be so easy that kids can be trusted to do so that’s not entirely true. Cleaning and washing a car is very different from washing the dishes, using the cleaner for washing or the wrong cloth for drying can create a long list of problems, especially for the set of Mercedes Benz wheels.

Before grabbing a bucket of soapy water and some cleaning tools to wash your Mercedes Benz, take note of the following tips for properly cleaning the wheels of your vehicle:

Tip 1: Cool It

First thing is to ensure that your vehicle has completely cooled down before washing. This goes for the hood, the roof, and even the wheels. Cars that are hot off the road will cause the water to dry too soon leaving unsightly streaks and spots all over the car and its rims. Don’t be in a hurry to get the job done once you get home, relax, and let your Mercedes Benz cool to the touch before washing it.

Tip 2: Use The Bucket Wisely

Take out your handy bucket and add a few squirts of the special soap that is formulated to remove all brake dust safely. Never use dishwashing detergent to clean the car, even if it is just for the wheels as the formulation can ruin several parts of your vehicle. Add water to the soap up to ¾ of the bucket.

Make sure to have a grit guard on the designated wheel bucket to prevent brake dust residue from sticking back to the rims after rinsing.

Tip 3: A Good Rinse And Soak

Rinse all the soap and debris off the wheels and rims. Once done, read and follow the instructions of the rim cleaner before application. Pay close attention to suggested soaking time and recommended amount to avoid damaging the vehicle.

Tip 4: Be Careful With The Brush

After soaking the rims and wheels for the recommended time it is time to use your elbow grease. Brush all the nooks and crannies including the lug nuts and several tight areas carefully, but remember to only use a wheel brush for this step. Using just any brush, even a soft toothbrush can lead to scratches and damages on the Mercedes Benz wheels.

Rinse the wheel and inspect it closely for any missed spots before moving on to the next wheel.

Tip 5: One Wheel At A Time

Only clean one wheel at a time and avoid getting the other wet or applying any cleaner as this will dry before you can work on the rims and wheels causing more damage than actual help.

Don’t Rush It

Never be in a hurry to finish cleaning the wheels of your Mercedes Benz. You have to be careful and thorough to ensure they last as long as possible, even with daily wear and tear.

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