How To Save Money When Buying Car Tyres

Nothing wears out faster in a car than the tyres, and invariably when it wears out it would need changing. Perhaps apart from the oil and a few other car consumables, nothing needs more changing than the tyres of a car.

True Yokohama a/t tires are designed to be very rugged, be long lasting and very sturdy. However, with time, their treads will get worn and they’ll need replacing. Diamonds are forever, tyres are not. Though tyre replacement may come up once in a while, it is still could be a very price endeavour. If you have to replace the four tyres or actually want to replace the four tyres, you would definitely be spending more money than if you were just changing one tyre.

When you change four tyres, there’s the thing of wheel alignment, balancing and such, they might cost you money. So how do you save money on the sometime expensive endeavour.

Compare and Contrast prices

You don’t have to walk in and out of several tyre shops to do this. You have the internet. Know your car make and the kind of tyres it should use. Then check on different tyre shops to find out what their pricing is like. One quick place to start is Here you’ll see an array of different tyre kinds and brands. Find out which ones have the best prices then buy from them.

Take Advantage of Tire Deals Dubai

Some car shops offer car deals, such as buy three tyres and get one free. Truly it might cost you to spend more, but in the long run, you could actually be saving yourself a lot of money. Tyre deals dubai could come in various forms it’s not just restricted to tyres. Some would give free installation of your tyres if you buy a particular quantity or a certain brand.  Find out whatever deals that are being offered. If it suits you then you should probably take it.

Buy Good Tyres

This would seem counter intuitive to some. However, you don’t want to buy a low quality tyre because it’s cheaper only for you to have to change it, sooner than you should. Also make sure that you buy the recommended tyres for your car, this is because no matter how good your tyres are, if they are not the right fit for your car you’ll have wasted money and will keep on wasting money. Bad fitting tyres would affect your fuel efficiency and general car handling, I’m sure you won’t like that.   

Install The Tyres Yourself

Some tyre dealers offer to fix your tyres for you when you buy tyres from them free of charge.  Some might not. If your tyre shop doesn’t offer free installation, you might have to fix the tyres yourself so as to avoid paying the extra cost on the tyre.  This would only be possible though if you know how to take off and fit a tyre.


Good tyres are not the cheapest in the market, with a few tips though, you can save money and still get good quality tyres which will last for a long time.

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