The Best of Ceramic Coatings for You

The ceramic coating repels water and dirt like no other coating. It is this characteristic that makes our cars so protected, so much easier to clean. In addition, their “hardness” protects against micro scratches, holograms and swirls as well as traces of washing. When it comes to ceramic coating for cars you surely need to know the below mentioned details now.

What Are The Different Possibilities?

Although car ceramics are still in their infancy with the general public, it has been well known to professional detailing services for several years. However, due to their high cost, they were until now only accessible to enthusiasts or owners of high-end vehicles. If you want to apply ceramic protection to your vehicle, there are two possibilities:

Professional Application

Car ceramic coatings that are applied by trained and certified professionals offer super-hydrophobic properties. The implementation of specific equipment, experience and trained professional manpower makes the cost relatively high. It takes at least 200 € just for the application. The preliminary preparation with chemical and mechanical decontamination with a clay bar ( ClayBar ) and a polishing worthy of the name will add a few hundred euros.

The entire process will mobilize your vehicle between 2 and 5 days, depending on the condition of the paintwork, the size of the vehicle and the options selected. For high-end ceramic options, the bill can go up to € 2,000 for certain types of very high-level ceramics.

Ceramic laying according to Carat Detailing

  • Premier Carat Ceramic
  • 18k Ceramic
  • 24 Carat Ceramic


  • Professional advice
  • Preparation of the bodywork done by a professional
  • Professional quality of the products used
  • Spectacular and lasting professional results
  • Guarantee


  • Finding the right professional
  • Higher cost even if the results are much better
  • Immobilization of the car over several days

Ranges of ceramic coatings intended for the general public have been relatively recently introduced to the market. This is what made ceramic protection accessible to occasional drivers who care more about ease of cleaning and protection against pollutants than the “show car” aspect of their car.

These consumer ceramics are specially formulated to be much less sensitive than the professional ranges, they are also designed to be applied with little experience. The quality and especially the durability of these products can vary enormously but compared to the costs of professional applications, they are obviously much more accessible.

Last Words

From our experience, even if there are many references of consumer ceramics, they are very far from being worth all. And we recommend that all lovers of ceramic coating or protection to get informed before making a choice. It is mainly for this reason that we have selected consumer products which have done their best and give complete satisfaction.


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