What is a VIN number and why it is important?

A VIN number is a unique code which every car has. This code is mostly printed on the chassis of the vehicle and gives the vehicle an identity of its own. VIN number serves as a permanent identification tool of a vehicle. Unlike registration number, a VIN code cannot be changed under any circumstances. This code acts as the timeline of a car.

The code is printed by the manufacturer, and the information of the car is stored under this code. Therefore, if you are buying a used vehicle it is always advisable to use a BMW VIN decoder, to know the exact details about the car’s history. Police also uses this code to identify if the car was involved in any criminal offences or accidents.

Where can you find this code?

A VIN number is printed on the chassis, mostly in the engine bay or below the plastic trim of the passengers or drivers gate. In the UK, most of the vehicles have the coed printed on the windshield. This helps the police to identify and track the history at ease.

When do you need to verify these codes?

When you are buying a used vehicle, you need to make sure to know every detail about the car’s history. For example, it is vital to know how many owners the car had or if the car has been involved in any criminal offences or accidents.

Sometimes, the VIN code also helps to determine if the papers of the car are original or not. Check the VIN code on the documents of the car and match it with the VIN number printed on the chassis. If the number matches, then you can be assured that the papers of the car are completely authentic.

Difference between engine number, VIN number and chassis number

The chassis number of the VIN number is the same thing. They are printed on the chassis of the car to give it a unique identity. But in the case of an engine number it differs from the chassis or VIN number. This is because, like other parts of a car, an engine can be changed; therefore the engine number can also change.

So, if you want to authenticate a used car, make sure to check the VIN number before proceeding any further.

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