‘Amazon-like experience’ – for used auto parts

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest online retailers and its business model has been copied by a wide range of competitors across different industries. One of the biggest benefits it offers is Amazon Marketplace, where new and used products across hundreds of categories can be bought and sold by third parties, with Amazon providing the reliable infrastructure and umbrella branding to make this viable.  They have huge factories with hundreds of Shelving Ireland products which can be sourced from sites like www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving which are very handy for storing car parts, accessories and more.

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Amazon’s winning approach is now being embraced by the used auto parts market, with the launch of the PartCycle Marketplace in the US this month bringing the promise of a new way for professional repairers and consumers alike to access car components from a wide network of recyclers.

While customers will not be able to expect anything like Amazon’s drone delivery from the PartCycle Marketplace any time soon, it does present an interesting opportunity for a much more cohesive and convenient digital experience to be available. But does it seem likely to make an impact or is it doomed to flounder?

Firm Foundations

One reason to believe that the PartCycle Marketplace will succeed is that it is not launching into the marketplace devoid of industry support. Spokesperson Brandon Gillis explained that the service has already established partnerships with many recyclers so that a wide selection of components are on offer, all of which come with warranties to guarantee their quality and reassure customers.

Gillis explained that the process of sourcing obscure parts could be time-consuming and expensive in the past, but by building an online platform to support this and link buyers to sellers across the US, it hopes to eliminate obstacles and build trust.

Professionals and amateur repairers alike will be able to find the parts they need. With everything from automotive wiring looms to wheels, chassis and gear sticks set to be available, the scope for success is significant.

Potential Problems

It is worth noting that while the ambitions of the team behind the PartCycle Marketplace are significant, this is not an industry which has entirely avoided entering the world of e-commerce up to this point.

There are many established websites which sell new and used auto parts. The unique selling point of this service, however, could give it the edge.

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