Car Tyre Shop in Singapore: How to Get the Best Deals in SG

According to a recent study, there are an approximate 11,000 crashes related to tyres every year, and the crashes itself kill some 200 people, so tyre maintenance is very much crucial. Getting some amazing deals on car tyres might seem easy but it needs some good research.

Here are some easy guidelines on how to get the best deals on car tyres in Singapore.

Do Good Research

Do a web-research on the myriad types of tyres that are best suited for your vehicle. There would be quite a few options for every vehicle running on the road, thus it is always advisable to opt for the high-quality tyre which also falls in the medium of the price meter. If you are not an owner of a posh sports car, you can eliminate the high treads. Think of how you invest most of your time inside your car and purchase a tyre consider how you drive.

Request For Quotes

Go around requesting for quotes before you set out to the tyre shop. Check for stores that offer 24×7 assistance and guide on tyre prices that you wish to know about. They might try their best to influence you that one tyre is better than the other. There’s no good reason as to why you must decline their suggestion, but see which tyre they want to sell.

Go around and request for a quote which in turn would help you get the best price for car tyres that you wish to buy, and which store you can rely on.

Try Negotiating With The Price

Here are a few ways as to how you can fetch the best deals:

  • Show your politeness when negotiating prices. Always keep in mind that bitter personality or words can never win the best deals, but one with the pleasantest personality can.
  • While you might be aware that tyres possess a low margin item, there is always the possibility of good deals and discounts on balancing, installation and disposal of your age-old tyres. Always ask if they provide free installation and if the offer they are quoting is inclusive of the tax as well.
  • When you set out to deal with car tyres, try and multiply by 4 since you would be getting all the four tyres replaced. When asking for the quote, ask the price of all four tyres and not one.

Saving by having the best deals is what everyone would love. Click here to know more about having top deals for car tyre shopping in Singapore.

Before setting out to buy tyres, these are a few ways you can adopt and adhere to if you wish to get the best deals.

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