Enjoy the best features and rates of scheduled oil change at Walmart

If you want your car to function smoothly for years and retain longevity, then ensure that you get routine oil changes done habitually, without fail. Not only would this be great for your engine from seizing, but also provide lesser downtime at repair shops. It further provides enhanced mileage and your vehicle runs smoothly.

You could opt for Walmart oil change service which could be done at its Lube and Tire shops, which are conveniently, located everywhere. They come in four basic packages.

Pit Crew oil

Starting with the Pit Crew oil change that costs you around $19.98. When you pay about $ 20, you gain 5 quarts of engine oil, along with checking of battery, oil filter, chassis lubrication, and your tire gets checked too. This one comes as the most cost-effective one.

Standard Oil Change

Here you get some additional services and costs you around $29.88. Along with all the services listed above you get the windshield cleaned plus, interior vacuuming. You will have the Walmart mechanic who would come over and check the necessary fluids such as the brake fluid and coolant. Some other additional services are added to this list.

Walmart High Mileage service

You need to pay $39.88 and it’s best for those who drive a lot. If on the meter, your vehicle has crossed 75,000 miles then this package is apt for you. If your engine has toiled a lot, it would require some extra care too. You get semi-synthetic lubricant around 5 quarts with all the benefits mentioned in the Standard Oil Change deal.

Walmart Power and Performance Oil Change

 This costs you $49.88 and has been designed for vehicles that are high on performance level. You get synthetic motor oil of around 5 quarts. Additionally, you enjoy all the listed benefits listed above.

Should you trust the services of Walmart Oil Change?

When seen statistically, they offer you the best list of services and at a cost-effective price. They have the best of professionals and services are excellent by and large!

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