What Is A Driving Test Cancellation?

A driving test cancellations is once a replacement check slot becomes accessible that was antecedently reserved by a pupil.

These cancellations occur once a pupil cancels or rearranges their driving check; this sometimes happens if the teacher is out of stock, the pupil is sick, or the pupil isn’t able to take their driving check.

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How does the driving test cancellation method work?

Whenever a pupil cancels their test or once the test centre releases new dates, you’ll amend your present book check to any of those new dates.

This is wherever we can facilitate. we can give notice & book you one amongst these earlier tests; all you have got {to do|to try to |to try associate degree do} is have an existing check reserved that we can then facilitate rearrange to a lot of reasonable date & time for you.

Automatic search   

We rummage for this process each minute across all test centres to urge you to the driving check you wish for. We can rummage around for each earlier and later check date.

Notifications in app

Receive driving test cancellations & booking confirmation notifications in-app and by email.

Book through an app or during a faucet

Receive its notification, then book in our app during a faucet or alter an auto booking, and we’ll reserve it for you.

Multiple test centres

Widen your search across multiple check centres to urge a cancellation reserved quickly at your most popular check centre.

Manage preferences in the app

Manage all your preferred dates & times, test centres and booking preferences with our state-of-the-art mobile app on iOS & robots.

Date & times of your selecting

Take control of your check date in the app by using various tools to manage your most popular cancellation date & times.

Email communication

We’ll keep you hep of the check centres, dates & times that we’re checking out and bookings we’ve created. We’ll keep your help each step of the manner.

Money back guarantee

You may receive a FULL refund if we do not book your associate degree earlier driving check.

Unlimited usage till you pass

Unlimited cancellations searches, notifications and bookings till you pass your sensible driving check.


The best thanks to getting an associate degree earlier test cancellation reserved is by victimization, an automatic driving test cancellation booking service.

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